Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Have you, or can you work professional designers?
    Yes, we can and do work with professiona designers and clients

  2. Do you want it standard or different?
    Our versatile modules mean you can design your catwalk in the standard "T" shape or make it follow a path through the crowd. A very special feature is our quarter round modules that allow rounded corners for a great look - a semi-circle extension can make that "final twirl" extra special!

  3. How safe is your equipment?
    Our staging equipment is designed and manufactured in England. We supply only the best in equipment including its safety features. Our catwalk modules, legs and feet are made for each other. The modules have non-skid surfaces, Each module stage piece 3000kg or 3 Ton.

  4. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes, we have £10,000,000 public liability insurance for all of our catwalks.

  5. Do you do Discounts?
    Discounts are available, if you book two dates in a year or buy a hire package from us.

  6. Do you Dry Hire stages?
    No, unfortunately we don’t dry hire our staging equipment, however we can provide it with minimal crew if available on site to help with the build, in order to reduce costs, to fit in with your budget.

  7. Do you do packages?
    Yes, our packages are tailored to fit your requirements.

  8. Do you cover my area?
    Yes, We cover all of the UK and Europe.

  9. Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, you are required to pay a deposit, when you book your date.

  10. What happens if I cancel a booking?
    Deposits are non-refundable, you maybe required to pay the full amount, or the cancellation of 30 days notice given.